I specialize in building API's and web applications using object-oriented concepts, test-driven development, and domain-driven design.



My front-end stack is comprised of modern web technologies including HTML5 and frameworks such as Vue.js and AngularJs



I build, test, and deploy software rapidly, frequently, and reliably while working together with operations and development.



A custom WordPress nav walker class for Bootstrap 4 (v4.0.0-beta.2) nav menus in a custom theme using the WordPress built in menu manager.


A RESTful API Boilerplate built on Slim 3 that supports JSON, XML and HTML. This is a skeleton application for Slim Framework.


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Recent Posts

Autossh Tunnel to a Vagrant Box for MySQL Access

At times while developing projects using Vagrant environments I’m making components that rely on database access. Most of the tests that I write for these components can use an in-memory database such as SQLite. However what about the times that I want to actually test the database or perhaps a ‘repository’ class that I’m writing that will interact with the database. For those purposes I just mentioned SSH tunnels comes in handy. But why do things manually when we can run Autossh at boot. Continue reading ↠

Posted on January 9, 2018

Setup Guide for Tvheadend EPG Grabber with XMLTV

Tvheadend server is used for grabbing video streams and publishing them as Internet streams. These video streams can come from a tuner card grabbing over-the-air signals or cable channels. The video streams can also come from various Internet TV providers. The beauty of Tvheadend is that you can add all these various stream sources in one place and then access them over your home network or the Internet via your mobile phone, web browser, VLC, or Kodi. Tvheadend also comes pre-packaged with various electronic program guide (EPG) modules. In addition to Over-the-air EPG (which is enabled by default) you can also add various internal or external XMLTV guide data. The later, “External: XMLTV”, is what I’ll be focusing on here. Continue reading ↠

Posted on January 5, 2018